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About the District

      Gajapati District extending from 18.46 degree North to 19.39 degree North Latitude and 83.48 degree East to 84.00 degree East Longitude. Andhra Pradesh on the South, gajapati district on the East, Rayagada district on the West, gajapati and Kandhamal districts on the North and spread over in an area of 4325 sq.kms bound the district. The Administrative Headquarters is located at Paralakhemundi. Total Population of the district is 5,18,837 and ST is 2,63,476 as per 2001 Census. Literacy rate is 41.26%, Male percentage is 54.71 and Female percentage is 28.42. Tribals form majority of the population of Gajapati District. The common feature is the tribes constitute 57.67% of the total population of this district. The District Hq. is at Parlakhemundi.


        Geographical Information System (GIS) has evolved as a powerful analytical tool for capturing, storing, manipulating, integrating, organizing, analyzing and displaying geographic data and capable of combining both spatial data (Map) with non-spatial data ( Tabular data) for planning, decision making, implementation and monitoring of various plans / schemes at different level.

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     A user interface where the users would be able to browse the map  layer/layers . Here, the user will get 3 options: 1. Browse Layer, 2. Identify and 3. Map mode. One can activate/display the layers in the Browse Map mode only. To Browse a layer, one has to activate the Browse Map mode, then select the layers from the table followed by “Refresh Map” option so that the selected layer will display on the Map frame.For more see Help?  


     From the main menu, an user can directly go to the Query Based Map generation table by selecting Query Map option. One can generate village wise maps applying conditions. User has to select the parameters as per her/his interest from the Menu and has to provide the conditions and values. Map title can be provided by the user. Then click on Draw map option followed by View Map option. The Map will display satisfying the query.


     A flexible user interface where the users would select the theme or parameter to generate  a dynamic thematic/ choropleth map at Block Level.Automatically, the field is devided in to 5 ranges basing on its Minimum & Maximum value. A user can change the range values as per her/his requirement. Map title can be provided by the user. Then click on Submit option followed by View Map option. The Block Map will display satisfying the range Values.


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