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   About the District:

        Deogarh District was newly created   on   01.01.1994 being bifurcated from    Sambalpur    District. It is a Backward   District domicile   by ST people .As it is a   industry less    district the people solely   depends upon   Agriculture.

     The District comprises one Municipality,   three Tahasils & three Blocks consisting of   778 villages .The area of the District is   2781.66 sq km.  with population 312164 as   per 2011 Census. 

         District of Deogarh is situated in the   Western region of the state having its   Head   Quarter at Deogarh. Deogarh is   located between 21o 31' 53" N Latitude   and   84o 43' 2" E Longitude. Deogarh    Town   is 90 K.Ms. to the east of Sambalpur    Town on N.H.-6. National Highway No.6   passes through the district acts as the   main   artery of inter-regional trade and   other links. This District is entirely of hilly   tract.

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        A user interface where the    users would be able to browse  the map  layer/layers . Here, the  user will get 3 options: 1. Browse Layer, 2. Identify and  3. Map mode. One can  activate/display the layers in the   Browse Map mode only. To  Browse a layer, one has to  activate the Browse Map mode,  then select the layers from the  table followed by “Refresh Map”   option so that the selected layer  will display on the Map frame.For   more see Help?  


     From the main menu, an user can directly go to the Query Based Map generation table by selecting Query Map option. One can generate village wise maps applying conditions. User has to select the parameters as per her/his interest from the Menu and has to provide the conditions and values. Map title can be provided by the user. Then click on Draw map option followed by View Map option. The Map will display satisfying the query.


     A flexible user interface where the users would select the theme or parameter to generate  a dynamic thematic/ choropleth map at Block Level.Automatically, the field is devided in to 5 ranges basing on its Minimum & Maximum value. A user can change the range values as per her/his requirement. Map title can be provided by the user. Then click on Submit option followed by View Map option. The Block Map will display satisfying the range Values.


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